2024 Bloodborne Pathogens Standard for Body Piercers (General U.S.) 4 hours

This is the BBP course for most people working in a piercing studio in the United States. This presentation includes downloadable resources, video content, and closed captioning. We'll present the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard as it's written and discuss how this applies to the body piercing environment. You'll be able to digitally take notes inside the course. You must complete each session 100% before being able to move to the next. Please see the FAQ for more information.

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Section 1
Paragraphs A & B (part 1)
Paragraph B (part 2)
Quiz Disclaimer
Quiz for Paragraphs A & B
Section 2
Paragraph C
Paragraph D (part 1)
Paragraph D (part 2)
Quiz for Paragraphs C & D
Section 3
Paragraph F
Quiz for Paragraph F
Section 4
Paragraph G
Paragraph H
Quiz for Paragraphs G & H
Section 5
Epidemiology (part 1)
Epidemiology (part 2)
Epidemiology (part 3) Optional
Epidemiology (part 4) Optional
Section 6
Exposure Management (part 1)
Exposure Management (part 2)
Quiz for Epidemiology and Exposure Management
Section 7
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