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This course was originally offered as part of the Core Essentials 2021 course package. This course includes nine video sections. You will be able to view them in any order. No certificate is generated for this offering. We would like to thank Paul King and the Body Piercing Archive for the extended use of this presentation.

In Pursuit of the Spirit with Paul King

In honor and celebration of a subcultural icon, this presentation examines nearly eight decades of Fakir Musafar’s art and exploration in using “the body as the door to the spirit.” “In Pursuit of the Spirit” reflects upon his legacy by examining Fakir Musafar’s last autobiographical presentation, “My Journey” (2010). Arguably, “My Journey” highlighted what Fakir felt were his greatest lifetime achievements. What might he have overlooked and what might this body of work mean to future generations?

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We invite piercers, apprentices, studio staff, owners, and environmental health professionals to participate. You do NOT need to be an APP member to register. 

Environmental Health Officials will be given access at no charge. If you are a Health Inspector, please email John Johnson for more 

Class include English closed captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing.

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