2022 Bloodborne Pathogens Standard for Body Piercers (Minnesota) 5 hours

This is the BBP course for people working in a Minnesota piercing studio. 

This presentation includes downloadable resources, video content, and closed captioning. We'll present the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard as it's written and discuss how this applies to the body piercing environment. You'll be able to digitally take notes inside the course. You must complete each session 100% before being able to move to the next. Please see the FAQ for more information.

See Minnesota licensing information here.
See Minnesota body art applications here.
See Minnesota body art technician information here.

The course content below will be only available after you register for the course. You will see this course in your Course List once you've clicked on the first lesson.

Section 100:19:00
Paragraphs A & B (part 1) 00:08:00
Paragraph B (part 2) 00:11:00
Quiz Disclaimer
Quiz for Paragraphs A & B
Section 200:28:00
Paragraph C 00:06:00
Paragraph D (part 1) 00:10:00
Paragraph D (part 2) 00:12:00
Quiz for Paragraphs C & D
Section 300:07:00
Paragraph F 00:07:00
Quiz for Paragraph F
Section 400:12:00
Paragraph G 00:07:00
Paragraph H 00:05:00
Quiz for Paragraphs G & H
Section 500:49:00
Epidemiology (part 1) 00:13:00
Epidemiology (part 2) 00:10:00
Epidemiology (part 3) 00:10:00
Epidemiology (part 4) 00:16:00
Section 600:36:00
Exposure Management (part 1) 00:23:00
Exposure Management (part 2) 00:13:00
Quiz for Epidemiology and Exposure Management
Section 700:11:00
Summary 00:11:00
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